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It's kind of strange seeing life imitating art so closely: Truly a real-life Spinal Tap - in every way. I suppose this is only appropriate for the "reality entertainment" crazed age we live in.


That is likely the most well written and hilarious write-up of a movie I've seen in a long time!

And I agree, they haven't made a decent record in at least 10 years.


Great review. I guess my perceptions about you being ignorant to music is somewhat scewed now.


Nice write write very well.
I haven't seen Metallica since they opened up for Van Hagar on the Monsters of Rock tour back in 80-somethin......they were good then.
Speed metal..thrash....Kim?
I love it!



I just found your site on google and thought I'd say thanks for the interesting write up. I saw Some Kind of Monster in theaters and actually bought the DVD even though I haven't watched it yet. I'll probably go home tonight and watch it now.

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