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Steve Brady

And he should have won the Academy Award for Punch-Drunk Love.

You rule.


Critics hate Adam Sandler because they want to hate him. You watch his movies thinking you want to hate it, and you probably will. You watch his movies with an open mind, you cannot help but laugh. He is certainly a comic genius.


You could not be more right about Sandler. All I have to say to those that did not enjoy PDL is watch it again, you can not possibly say that it is not funny when he walks into the glass door in his office for the second time.

Kim, you rock!

Steve Thompson

I just wasted $10 on the "The Longest Yard" which is without a doubt the worst movie I have seen so far this year.

Poor old Burt Reynolds must have thrown-up after seeing the finished product, I just hope he was paid well for this sham.

I would really like to see Adam Sandler do something worthwhile. He was funny as hell on Saturday Night Live, too bad this hasn't translated onto the big screen.


you have bad taste in comedians


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