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Dan Dorman

What a fantastic list!

I just have to add:

Jeanne Moreau as Jackie Demaistre in
Jacques Demy's La Baie des anges (Bay of Angels, 63). One of Demy's most under-rated (and nearly forgotten) masterpieces, and one of the greatest films ever made about gambling addiction. An emotionally over-whelming score from Michel Legrand and some of the most ravishing black and white cinematography I have ever seen, courtesy of Jean Rabier (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, 64). This is a deceptively simple film, as nothing much happens in it except for the two damaged characters who meet, fall in love and lose it all at a casino table. Claude Mann looks like a psuedo-Brando from certain angles, but the film belongs to the incomparable Moreau. Her ice-blonde hair-do in this film has never escaped my memory. Her locks here put the "white" in "black and white." A truly moving film (as well as a genuine lost classic), and one of the best of the French Nouvelle Vague. Moreau was never lovelier or more tragic than she was right here...


Anjelica Huston as Lilly Dillon in Stephen Frears' The Grifters (90). Angelica Huston is an enormously talented woman. Many people forget that she is also a very competent director, as well as a gifted actress (she has the Academy Award for Supporting Actress to prove it - Prizzi's Honor, 85). Bastard Out of Carolina (96) was a fine debut film for her as director (even if it did end up airing on cable) and her father (the great and talented bastard himself, John Huston) would have been proud. I especially like her performances in The Dead (directed by her father, 87), Woody Allen's masterpiece, Crimes and Misdemeanors (89) and Mazursky's under-rated, Enemies: A Love Story (89). But her real triumph in front of the camera came as the tragic Lilly, the sultry mother of John Cusack's small-time crook, Roy Dillon. Their chemistry on screen should be studied in film class. Many people I know feel that she was mis-cast in the role, but name me another actress who could have looked the way she did, and pulled the part off as well. Her scenes with Pat Hingle as "Bobo" must be seen to be believed. And that hair - what an amazing look. Frears can be touch and go at times, but some of his films are true masterworks that have yet to be acknowledged: Gumshoe (71), The Hit (84), My Beautiful Laundrette (85), Prick Up Your Ears (87), The Snapper (93), Dirty Pretty Things (do not expect much from this film and it will blow you away, 02) and especially The Grifters. Thanks to Angelica Huston and that blonde-hair...

Carol E. Cox

What a list of Bleached Brunette Moments. Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson assumed the image and name Blonde because there is NO money for sexually degraded Brunettes and there are billions of dollars up for grabs for any Brunette who is willing to sexually degrade Blondes. This situation is changing now because Blondes are actively disassociating with Bleached Brunettes. Pass it on. Have Bleached Brunette Days and tell Bleached Brunette jokes.

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