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Bobby Hacker

Irreversable? How about, Irresistable...think about it. Red hallway anyone?


Really liked the movie (I want to say "loved the movie" but it sounds weird) when it came out in my country (Argentina) and guess what? Most critics here are also a bunch of cinematic pussies.

I'm currently trying to get in motion the shooting of my first long feature, and I guess I'm gonna go the same road as Noé with the critics (he's probably a better filmmaker than I am right now), they're gonna fucking hate me...

Sorry, I just wanted to say it, leave it out there, you know... makes me feel kind of sad knowing that those film school jerks are going to bash my movie from start to end.

Anyway, if all goes well, by march 2005 it'll be done, would like to send you a copy of it in dvd. So, I left my email, write me if you want and I promise to send a dvd screener of the movie.

btw: Love your blog.


Apparently if you put your email and website, leaves only the link to the site, so this time I puted only my email adress.

Fuck it, this could cause me even more spam that I have right now, but it's that possible?
My email is: draft@fibertel.com.ar


I just finished watching Irreversible and I have to say you couldn't be more wrong about this movie. The rape scene was indeed a rape scene, but that was the LEAST horrific portion of the film. The beating afterwards was harder to watch than the rape itself solely from the aspect of "what is the point". There are few cases in which a sociopathic rapist takes the violence to that extreme without ensuring that the victim is killed; particularly after leaving a forensic pathologist's wet dream of DNA behind. But the film if reviewed chronologically was poor. No one has a dream like she had and in the same day enters an area like that dream without any trepidation. That's wholly unbelievable. And a tender and caring boyfriend, magically becoming the party animal in the face of her girlfriend's ex? Doing blow and almost fucking some random chicks at the same party? It's laughable that a character would take such a dramatic personality turn. I could see how the guilt of letting her leave alone and then seeing that she was attacked would drive him to hunted the attacker but all of his behavior prior to that was PATENTLY out of character for the funny, handsome, "sweet" boyfriend that was seen in earlier scenes.

When a story is so poorly and basely written the only way to spice it up is to add graphic in your face scenes but if that's good enough to mask the weak plotline and that in fact should have just been labeled one FUCKED up day then maybe I should rethink my take on some foreign cinema. This movie was "weak" at best in its writing and delivery (one point being why would you have someone speaking in Spanish and not translate that to English as well? Is it assumed that all French speaking people also speak fluent Spanish. Terrible.) and the incessant shaky cam that was constantly spinning out of control.

I can tell your affinity for the director and I would never attempt to besmirch you that, but to call this a compelling, thought-provoking piece of art is to say that snuff films are compelling, thought-provoking art.

Noe will have to deliver a better crafted story to me if he is to ever gather my attention again long enough to sit through 15 minutes of his films. I can see that there is some talent is him style, when he's not being a whirling dervish, but base parlor trickery doesn't make you brilliant (intentionally uses sound effects that induce nausea). It just makes you a lounge show magician.

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