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Hm, a friend and I were just talking about this last night. She thinks she looks better in pictures when she's not posing for them. My theory is that we don't really know what our most attractive bits are, so the ones we think are attractive are the ones we accentuate when we know we're having a picture taken, and they come out badly. Not knowing a picture is being taken, our natural attractive bits stand out.

Also, we're all sick voyeurs and everybody looks better when they know they're not being watched.

Battle Royale IS soothing to the memory. Must be the J.S. Bach suite when Mitsuko gets eliminated.

Audrey VanHalen

Why do I keep tasting almonds?

You have either just eaten almonds or still have trace amounts of undigested almond on or about your gums, causing mysterious flavor. If you haven't eaten almonds recently, perhaps the part of your brain that remembers flavor is more highly- developed than that of the average person, and you are experiencing an acute almond "flashback." The most likely cause, however, is that a close friend, family member or caregiver is trying to poison you. Cyanide is an extremely poisonous and easily procured white crystalline compound that has the odor and flavor of bitter almonds. Vomiting, and blindness are just some of the short-term effects of cyanide ingestion. The best way to ensure no further ingestion of cyanide is to poison the person you suspect of contaminating your food and/or beverages. This person will, no doubt, be highly-suspicious of anything tasting of almonds so be sure to lace their food or drink with either arsenic or antimony: two extremely toxic poisons that are also completely flavorless and odorless, making detection quite improbable if administered cleverly.


Waiting for a movie to start is always agonizing.
There's the people who've raided the concession stand, plopping down next to you, then starting a loud chorus of crunching and slurping.
Then there's the really clueless people. The kind of people who show up to "Rush Hour" and walk out saying "This Jackie Chan guy's cool. I wonder if he's done any other movies?"
Next time I go to a movie, maybe I'll just close my eyes and think of Soledad Miranda. Ahhh, paradise....
I didn't know critics are discussing what's wrong with Godard these days. Personally, I'm still trying to understand what's right with Fellini.


Kim, Who was your favorite film critic to work with?


Kim, Who was your favorite film critic to work with?

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