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T. Taylor

Everything you do is so incredibly beautiful. You show your life, but it's hidden at the same time. You are an artist. But your life looks like a fairy land of lonliness. Sometimes I look at your pictures and worry about you. Why is someone so deeply lovely and so brilliant alone all of the time?

Brian Miller

Wow, you've named a deer head after that pathetic moping alcoholic projectionist from Clash By Night ??? This reminds me of Tony Leung's character from Chungking Express, who carried on conversations with the inanimate objects populating his apartment.


Yes, Brian. You know. I swear when you look at him, he looks just like Robert Ryan in that movie -- surly, moody. I'll take Tony Leung. Any day.

Brian Miller

I don't know...I don't recall Tony's character as surly; moody and resigned is more like it. Certainly he doesn't wear on his sleeves the barely concealed misogyny of Earl Pfeiffer. Actually Leung's character seemed quite similar to his unlucky-in-love character from Wong Kar-Wai's other masterpiece, In The Mood For Love.
Anyway, get some sleep, sweet princess !!


No, no Brian sir. I meant Robert Ryan was moody and surly and yes, possibly a woman hater, as is Earl, but not towards me.

I'm saying I will take myself as Tony Leung anyday since Tony Leung is sublime...And I do talk to my stuffed animals.

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