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Yeah,I don't know all the lines to Seger's songs,but I'm pretty familiar with his songs,being that I had a ex-hippy dad that liked to listen to him.Man,were those different times!Before you said you were joking about the hanging drywall thing for five years,I was thinking damn,you would have some huge guns from holding that stuff up!!I've had to do that kind of shit,and believe you me,it sucks balls!So,you honestly didn't make any ceramic bongs in there?What about ceramic pipes?!!I took a glass blowing class and my teacher always listened to The Manhatten Transfer,and we did make pipes in there!Just playing with ya!Keep up the good work.


This is a bit embarrasing,but I never mind making myself sound like a dumbass!I was looking at this section,and I noticed for the first time that the top of the articles say they are done by Lila Leeds?I know that I'm not one of the quickest cookies on the block,but I thought they were done by Kim.I know you don't get responses to the comments after you post them,but I'm just wondering,is this just an alias or is Ms.Leeds really another person?If she is a different person,I'm just glad I didn't call her Kim.I do dig this section,and it seems like anything goes!!

Greg Brown

Absolutely hilarious, Kim—your post floods me with ancient memories of early mornings in Goslow's room when you were a 15-year-old "black haired beauty with big dark eyes; and points all [your] own" and the only person I knew who would listen to me ramble through lyrics I wished were my own--even lame Seger songs. FWIW, I’ve still got the knack. .

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