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I don't get it! Here's a guy who's 27, successful, from a good family that's wealthy yet he puts himself AND his wife (that's right...HIS WIFE LACI PETERSON) through university by working 3 jobs, then turns around and sells his restaurant just when it finally started to turn a sizable profit to accomodate his wife's desires to live closer to her family and start one of her own and then lovingly sinks the majority of his income into lovingly renovating their new home and a nursery for their new child arrival but at the last minute changes his mind kills his wife, dumps her body smack dab in the middle of his alibi on the Christmas Eve no less, the day his wife disappeared, when he also had the time to go shopping online at The Gap and look for a new umbrella holder with a nice sunflower on it to remember the woman he just killed just before driving to his warehouse where he lounged around (wife's dead body tucked away en route to drop off) and did some faxing, phone calling and a little surfing on the internet (must have been looking for ways he could have spent all the money he could have had if he had just waited long enough for the old ball and chain to deliver their child before showing her the ocean floor!) But wait, there's more, this guy is the luckiest man alive because not only had he just pulled off the perfect crime leaving not so much as a hint of evidence that he had just killed his wife (despite the fact that she was pregnant- and what are pregnant women famous for? Peeing...they spend half their pregnancy going to the bathroom and yet here she is dead and despite the pull of gravity and the fact she was not found wearing a diaper, not a drop of her bodily fluids was found anywhere... not in his home where he appearantly killed her and not in his truck where she was left waiting for him to get off his butt and send her sleeping with the fishes already and not in the boat he used to ferry her body to the bottom of the ocean (12 deep dark feet below the surface where no one without a brain or a flashlight would ever find her!

Get real Scott Peterson didn't kill his wife... and anyone who believes that he did either can't read or is too lazy or too stupid to think for themselves so they let the media (who of course had no reason to profit by demonizing an innocent man) do it for them. (It's people like you, who make me ashamed to be human and advocate for the end to inbreading and slavery!!

I don't like Scott Peterson and the death of his wife strikes me as a real loss for the rest of the world who will forever miss out on the positive power and enlightenment of her beautiful smile but she's gone and attacking her husband won't vindicate her murder and that of her son's.... only putting those responsible for her taking their lives will ever come close to doing that. Yes Scott Peterson cheated on his wife, many times, but it wasn't and still isn't anybody but Laci's place to hold him accountable for that indiscretion... not yours and not mine and to suggest that she wasn't smart enough to have been able to decide for herself whether or not her husband was worth forgiving- well i guess the answer is in Amber's number which we know for sure is 3 but it could have been hire than that but at the very least we know that Scott had 3 affairs (all of which coincided with his wife's absence from him, something that leads me to believe he was very sexually insecure - god know's he wouldn't be the first or the last man alive to base his self worth on his sexual prowelless) but i think if he was good enough for Laci than that should be good enough for the rest of us. Remember it was her life not ours and her choice not our own and it was her decision so we should have some respect and honour how Laci herself saw fit.


Whoever posted that I am stupid or am unable to read because I think Scott Peterson is Guilty, is not only sadly mistaken...but needs to remember that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Just because you think he is innocent does not make it so...and maybe instead of trying to impose your feelings and thoughts on everyone else, you should just accept the fact that he was found guilty by 12 of his peers. Are they stupid, too? I think not. They actually know more about this case than you'll every know! They heard and saw all of the evidence presented..you found your evidence in the papers or television. Were you out investigating on your own? I think not. It is extremely disrespecful to call these jurors 'stupid' as you have just done. They have performed their civic duty, and people like you are so unappreciative. It is truly sad.


Well I agree, he was found guilty by 12 jurors who know the evidence inside and out. You are like only person alive that thinks he is innocent. I mean really, the location where the body was found, the ever changing stages of scott's apperance, the phone call to sharon rocha saying "laci is missing!" it is broad daylight laci could have been buying stuff for the baby, why would he think she is missing if he didnt have anything to do with it? He is Guilty even his sister and the people who loved him know so, and I'm glad the 12 jurors saw the same.


Amber and Christina,

Then you must think OJ is innocent. He was found not guilty by 12 jurors of his peers. You must also think Robert Blake didn’t kill Bonny Bakley either, or does it really matter to you because Bonny wasn’t a quite pregnant woman. What do you think about Michel Jackson?

Do you know how many wrongful convictions have been overturned because of DNA evidence? 162 as of Sept 29, 2005 (www.innocenceproject.org). Yes 162 wrongful convictions by 12 jurors of their peers. How many innocent people were put to death because of the lack of DNA evidence and a predigest jury?

I don’t know if Scott killed his wife. Statistically he’s a good suspect, but we don’t give a person the death sentence because he matches a profile. Do we? Changing his appearance could have been an effort to escape the press and cheating on his wife doesn’t make him a murderer.

Do you think there was indisputable evidence that was presented to the jury and the press missed it? The press coverage was intense. The jury had their chance in interviews to give us their reasone why they chose the death penalty. What I reminder is they found Scott guilty because he showed no emotion of the death of his wife and unborn child. Scott showed no emotion when he was handed down the death penalty either.

Did Scott commit the perfect murder? I don’t know but, I rather see him walk then for us to start convicting people purely out of emotion. Remember the Law “beyond a reasonable doubt”. It’s really is the best for all of us, even if some guilty people slip threw the cracks.

I wouldn’t want to be 163.

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